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We had two children attend IAS during their K – 3 years and we were absolutely delighted with the education they received, which we felt offered a more diverse and rich experience than other options. Both kids had phenomenal teachers who demonstrated great care and commitment to our kids’ educational and personal growth. I served as a substitute teacher at IAS for three years and hold those memories close to my heart due to the people, parents and students I had the privilege to know.

I’m a proud parent of International Academy of Smyrna. My children who are currently in kindergarten enjoy the school. The IAS staff makes bringing my children to school feel like home. Due to COVID over the previous year’s, my children were home schooled. This was a hard transition for my kids and me as the parent as well. The staff stepped in and made the experience exceptional. With the guidance and understanding of this hard transition for me. Everyone that came in contact with my twins and me being the parent, stepped in and gave a helping hand.

The International Academy of Smyrna was a great school to work at and my daughter to attend. I worked at IAS for about 5 years. It was a great working environment and it felt as if we were one family with one goal and that is to take care of the students. No matter what it took we all joined in to help each other rather it was watching the front desk, giving a teacher a moment to walk away, or just talking with a student who is having a rough day. The academic curriculum was engaging and taught in a way each child could learn. The teachers took their time to understand the students’ needs and try to make sure they were met. The expectations of integrity and hard work are constantly reiterated through their mission statement and the teachers and staff stand behind it. It’s been difficult to find another school to match IAS family environment, core values, and finding teachers who truly care.

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